Food and drinks in Iran

Iran is one of the most reputable world’s destinations providing wide range of delicious foods and drinks. Not only traditional Iranian foods and drinks are available to enjoy, many great restaurants are also providing the most highlighted international foods through Italian and American style.

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Persian cuisine and international food in Iran

Iranian foods are known as a variety of being healthy, rich & colorful which can be generated by the variety of climates in Iran. If you are a vegetarian you don't need to worry. You can find all sorts of vegetables in Iran, but in the limited status in some special restaurants as long as being vegetarian is not that common here.


Water & Drinks in Iran

Mineral bottled water & all kinds nonalcoholic drinks are available to be found in Iran. Although the city water is such cool one, but it’s more recommended to use bottled waters to drink. Pay attention that any alcoholic drinks is forbidden here.


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