Iranian Language (Persian language)

Iranian language as one of the eloquent languages all around the world has had a great rule to make Iranians as unique as possible. The official language of Iran is Persian while it is being taught and used throughout schools and official communications.

The more expanded ethnicities exist in a single country, the more various languages appear to be used in each specific geographical region; accordingly Iran by embracing more than 5 common unofficial languages is considered as the land of various languages.

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Different parts of live languages can be found in different parts of Iran with the following information:

Persian, Gilaki and Mazandarani, Luri, Azerbaijani and other Turkic dialects, Kurdish, Arabic, Balochi and Tati (Talysh). 

Throughout the lovely Persian language many Arabic, English and French words are getting used, so it has proximity with the most common world’s languages.

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Characters of Persian language

Beside the mass of Persian language’s eloquence, it’s not that hard to be learned and used with the tourists and foreigners.

The other fascinating characters of this mysterious language appears as soon as it has been used through rich poems by the well–known former poets. These poems are the most important hint of Iranian traditional music throughout these whole ages.

Beside the touristic sites, you can enjoy the audible Iranian traditional music concerts, if you are interested.


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