Shahr-e Kord

As an Iranian central city, Shahr-e kord is the capital of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, where embraces the greatest nomadic population of Iran. The city is surrounded by Isfahan province from East, Fars province from West and Boroujen township form south.



Shahr-e kord, one of the highest Iranian cities

Shahr-e kord is considered as one of the highest Iranian cities as it is located in 2060 meters above the sea level. It has a semi-mild climate with warm summer days and cool winter days.

Based on the precise archeology investigations, residence historical record of humankind dates back to 9 thousand years ago through this specific region. The original name of this township was “Dezhgord”, in Persian Dezh refers to castle and Gord refers to the hero. By defeat of Sassanid kings through Muslim Arabs and the vogue of Arabian language through the vast territory of former Persia, Iran, this specific city’s name has had an alteration to DehKord.



Shahr-e kord residences and language

Shahr-e kord residences speaks Persian by Shahr-e-kordi accent. It seems interesting to know that, although Shahr-e kord is not considered as a metropolis it has many immigrants from neighbor cities.



Most highlighted attraction in Shahr-e Kord

Among the whole historical sites of Shahr-e-kord, the following ones are considered as the most highlighted ones:

Chaleshtar historical site, where a Bakhtiari chieftain who once governed the city lived, the Labor and Life Museum in Chaleshtar Historical Complex which houses items demonstrating the nomad way of life, Arbab Mirza Saqqakhaneh which is a water fountain dedicated to the martyrs of the 680 AD Battle of Karbala, and the Archeology Museum in Parhizgar Bathhouse which houses artifacts from 9,000 years ago.



Shahr-e Kord’s natural attractions 

Shahr-e Kord’s natural attractions include Zayandeh Rood Dam Lake which is a fishing destination, the city of Saman where Qashqai nomads live, the tiered Sar Aqa Seyyed Village in Chelgard which is home to Bakhtiari nomads, Chama Cave with its unique icicles, Chelgard Ski Resort which is suitable for alpine skiing, the 50-meter Kuhrang Tunnel Waterfall, Sheikh Ali Khan Waterfall, Kuhrang Spring near which nomads have set up camp and Dimeh Spring which is the origin of the famous Zayandeh Rood river.