The first world’s adobe city and the second most ancient world’s city, are the titles which describe a little drop in front of the great ocean of Yazd’s historical concept. Desert bride is not just an epithet attributed to the ancient Yazd, it’s a great concept which indicates to the great civilization and urban structures within the depth of desert.

Specific wilderness climate of Yazd had been influenced the entire method of architecture. Windward, Minarets, Domes, Ancient Mosques and the religious atmosphere are the fundamental great components of Yazd’s concept as an ancient and appealing touristic destination in Iran.

Through the rich history of glorious Iran, Yazd was considered as one of the most important cities locating in the depth of Iran’s heart. Through the alteration of different dynasties, this ancient city had been playing a key role through the authority.



The most highlighted sites of Yazd

In order to mention the most highlighted sites of Yazd, ancient mosques such as Amir Chakhmaq mosque and Jame mosque with its tall minarets, many Ab Anbars (somewhere to storage the clean water), Museums and many great ancient monuments and temples of Zoroastrians, are deserved to be mentioned briefly.


The most highlighted souvenir of Yazd

The most highlighted souvenir of the lovely Yazd is delicious sweets with an extended variety. Don’t forget to taste Qottab, Baqlava, Lowz and Yazdi cake if you have planned to visit Yazd. The other highlighted handicrafts of Yazd are great colorful Carpets and rugs, well-designed Termeh with its awesome figures and attractive Ceramics.


Yazd one of major attraction of Iran

Yazd, as one of the major attractions of Iran by embracing many great monuments, provides tourism facilities in different types and levels. Wide range of hotels from modern ones to the ancient houses and scenery garden hotels, are available to be used by the tourists. Furthermore, well-trained tour guides and drivers are ready to present the greatest possible services to the ones who are willing to visit one of the most ancient and marvelous Iranian cities, Yazd.




Of Yazd


Of Yazd