If you want to feel the greatness of Iranian former art and ancient architectural monuments, don’t miss Shiraz, the city of great poets and greatest heritages. Shiraz is one of the most ancient cities all around the country with the existing records from Sassanid period.

During different dynasties, this city has had specific importance and had played the key role through the political alternations. Regards to the role of this city through different periods, many great architectural monuments. By embracing the tomb of greatest poets, Shiraz has been named the city of poets. Furthermore, many artistic occurrences have been taken place in this brilliant city regards to the artistic atmosphere of this city.


Shiraz is so well-known by the extension of its attractions

Shiraz is so well-known by the extension of its attractions, through the country. In addition to all historical aspects of this brilliant city through different eras which is tangible through the whole remained monuments such as Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage), Eye-catching Persian gardens, Ancient mosques, bazaars, castles, historic houses and palaces; Cultural features play an undeniable role in forming the Shiraz’s concept by embracing the tomb of world’s greatest Persian poets and also the holy shrines of great Muslim religious persons.


Best modern and traditional hotels in Shiraz

Tourism infrastructure of Shiraz have been developed over the past years and now the tourism facilities which are presenting to the tourists are considered as one of the most appropriate ones all around the country.

In terms of accommodation, beside different types of modern hotels, traditional houses (boutique hotels) are willing to provide the tourists with the best possible unique services. To be provided with a totally unique experience during your stay in Iran, don’t forget to choose traditional houses as they can’t be founded in any other world’s country with this mass of architectural beauties.


Different types of public transportation are available to be used by the tourists who decide to use these public facilities while the private cars are quite cheap for them to be used.





Of Shiraz


Of Shiraz