Half of the world is a title of the city which shines like bright a diamond regards to it’s historical, architectural, artistic and charming urban zone. Regards to the great location of this strategic city within the territory of Iran, it had always been considered as an important city which was under the control of the former greatest dynasties mainly Safavid dynasty; accordingly, Isfahan embraces brilliant monuments of different eras including Cathedrals, Mosques, Castles and unique Palaces.


Great characters of Isfahan

Isfahan embraces one of the most well-known UNESCO (World Heritages all around the world). Naqsh-E-Jahan square is considered as the world’s largest square which is also considered as the greatest attraction of Iran.

The city of art and great handicrafts is a title which has been given to the picturesque Isfahan because of the unique and famed handicrafts which belong this marvelous city. Another great character of Isfahan is having beautiful bridges mainly Si-o-se pol and Khaju Bridge which are so reputable as really attractive sites of Isfahan to visit and enjoy.






The world's largest Caravanserai in Isfahan

Tourism infrastructures in Isfahan have been developed through last few years ago. Third largest city of Iran is now considered as one of the most appealing touristic cities within the country regards to the attractions and tourism facilities.

In terms of accommodation, beside different types of modern hotels, traditional houses (boutique hotels) are willing to provide the tourists with the best possible services. The world’s largest Caravanserai which has been reconstructed to be used as a traditional hotel is located in Isfahan, namely Abbasi Hotel. This charming hotel is considered as one of the best 5-star hotels all around the country welcoming many tourists yearly.


Different types of public transportation are available to be used by the tourists who decide to use these public facilities while the private cars are quite cheap for them to be used.

One of the branches of our great tourism company, Iran Negin Travel, is located in Isfahan which has eager to provide you with each needed tourism facilities, in case of necessity.




Of Isfahan


Of Isfahan