Islamic religious tours

Every year many pilgrims visit Iran for Ziarat from all around the world  and enjoy their trip to Iran by doing their worship at the most religious places, especially in Qom and Mashhad. 

Due to the good facilities in the mentioned cities, the travelers who are interested in religious places, can enjoy a spiritual trip through the hotels near Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad and Masoumeh Holy Shrine in Qom. The hotels offer guests quiet rooms, unique cleaning and meals, especially in Holy Mashhad, in buffet format.

Our Iran religious tours(also known as Iran Ziarat Tours) , are offered within Iran visa, airport transfers, domestic flights, accommodation and cars with driver as our passengers are interested to spend the most of their time at the holy places during their trip to Iran.

As a very commun option, Iran religious tours (Iran Ziarat Tours), as any other Iran tours can be mixed with Iran cultural tours and make the trip a mixture of religion and culture.

Our team is eagerly ready to offer you the best of Iran religious tour (Iran Ziarat Tours) and services and make your trip to Iran a unique and memorable trip.

Send us your request and we will prepare your trip and make your trip to Iran an incredible visit.

Holy cities

Holy cities

8 Days
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Day 1  Daily Activity Arrival in IKA(Tehran International Airport). Transfer to the H...