Happy Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz!

With the arrival of spring on March 20 another year is approaching, in this case the solar year, which is known by Nouruz, Nowruz, Norouz and etc. (means new day), and celebrated by people from countries whose cultures have been influenced by Persian culture and / or Zoroastrian culture such as Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and etc. Because it is a solar year, the year does not start at 00:00 but each year changes time and this year we hope to start the new year (1399) at seven hours, nineteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds (07:19: 37) in the morning of March 20.

Here in Iran with the arrival of the Nouruz, people move to go on a trip or visit families and friends. But in all cases what is not lacking is the "Haft seen" which is a set of 7 objects whose names in Persian begin with the letter 'S' (Sabzeh (wheat seeds), Seeb (apple), Sir (garlic) , Senjed (fruit of Elaeagnus angustifolia), Sekkeh (coins), Sonbol (hyacinth plant) and Serkeh (vinegar)) and other symbolic elements such as the mirror, colorful eggs, goldfish bowl, Hafez's couch and candles which represent rebirth, health, joy, prosperity, happiness, patience and beauty. At the start of the new year, people gather at their homes around the table where they have the “Haft seen” hours before the year enters to pray, take photos and talk about wishes, plans and etc. The typical food of the first day of the year (lunch if it is before 12 noon and dinner if it was after) is usually "Sabzi Polo ba Maahi" which is rice made with vegetables (parsley, coriander, chives and dill) and fish.

The Persian New Year holiday usually begins on March 19, which coincides with the Mosadegh nationalization holiday in November 1950. The working days begin on the 25th and the school calendar reflects the 4th of April as the first school day of the year. Which is why children love these dates and families take advantage of the good weather and school holidays to travel in and out of Iran. The Iran Negin Travel and Negin Parvaz Pars Team began our work on March 24 and with reduced support during the holidays.

Currently with the recent world situation due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the daily life of all the inhabitants of Iran is not what it was a year ago. With everyone's help, respecting quarantine regulations, maintaining personal hygiene and distancing the population of the world, we will get out of this situation and make Nowruz the reverse gear to return to normality.

We highly encourage everyone and Happy Nouruz!